It’s been so long, since I never again have free time to writing in my blog. Ummmm I had it sometimes, but not for writing like this now. I have to wait my passion to write something that can useful for somebody’s need. Well, to serious huh? Haha
I just watched movie the title is compulsion in a week ago, compulsion means pressure that could be someone getting into stress. This movie is very interesting actually, but in fact I still have no point about it really..
The beginning it showed that someone cooked, maybe she is a chef or just have a hobby for cooking. All the views is full of delicious food, cookies, and how to make it with slow motion so the audience ragged to that views. And yes, I was. I thought this film is about chef, food, motivation story or love story full but It’s not. 
In some scene for Hollywood movies always put some love story there, but I mean in this movie the story is complicated. Although this movie is complicated, but still I can understand some scene and…

Malaikat tanpa sayap itu tidak ada

Kalau bisa menolong pasti bisa datang kapan saja Kalau benar dia berada di mana saja pasti dia bisa terbang Tapi masalahnya dia tidak ada disaat diperlukan Tapi kenyataannya dia tidak bisa menemani disaat kesepian Karena dia tidak bersayap, dia tidak bisa terbang
Karena saat batin terasa seperti disayat Dia harusnya datang membalut luka yang ternganga Karena saat pikiran terasa seperti terbakar Dia harusnya datang memberikan kesejukan Karena dia tidak bersayap, dia tidak bisa terbang
Jika dengan terbang semuanya bisa berubah Jika dengan sayap semuanya bisa lebih nyata Karena banyaknya hati yang terpuruk didasar pekatnya tanah Karena banyaknya hati yang ingin diangkat terbang dari semua keterpurukan
Karena sebenarnya malaikat tanpa sayap itu tidak ada
by: me

New page of life

To wrote about new year is not too late huh? In this new year of 2014 everyone have a new hope in their life and so do i. They hope that everything in their life will goin’ to be more better day by day. Change every bad things going to be a good things, if you always like to spend your money for useless thing and now you start to be more thrifty. For who those don’t have any relationship with anyone, they more consider to not waste their money for BBM packet, SMS packet or calling packet because thats useless like the past years ago. Yeah, maybe not for all young people think about that but I know some people once have considered about that. That’s just several sample of young people thoughts that related to what’s people called ‘resolution of a new year’.
That’s very normal if they have some resolution for reformation in their life. Because it is not just this state needs reformation but our life too. The more important thing is our heart; this is more for our thoughts. To renew our ol…

Semangat mamaku

Mama, aku sayang padamu Cahaya cintamu selalu menerangi Tak pernah padam walau sedang lesu Kehadiran mu sangat berarti
Mengandungku selama sembilan bulan Melahirkan ku dengan penderitaan Mempertaruhkan nyawanya Demi aku yang lemah tak berdaya
Peluh yang membasahi tubuhmu Bekerja demi masa depan ku Menjadi tulang punggung sebagai papa Bagaikan kehangatan mentari sebagai mama
Semangat mu tak pernah padam Walau dalam kegelapan malam Tuhan, tolong jaga mamaku Semangatnya  adalah inspirasiku
by: LDPW

The fly

Little insect flying around In everywhere you can found No matter you chase it away It always looking for your way
I entered the small shop stall With my big passion to eat all Suddenly I  heard of buzzing I cannot eating was like freezing
With all of my hatred I tried to kill with hungry head There was a flypaper But I punch it with flyswatter
You struggle hideously and beg You amputate your leg My peace is your disaster And I don’t care either
created by: Lia Dwiarine

Tumpukan Daun Kering


Yes I can

You know in this world where you live with your own business life, you can do anything if you do it well. How? What the meaning of ‘do it well’ ? Maybe all of you already know how to do it well to your activity, but now I want to share some tips. First of all, this semester is gonna be my busy term. I don’t know why I accept all the request of my activity now. With 22 sks I join the choir in my campus. Haha
Nah this semester is busy than my last one. But the better condition is  I can more focus, try to train my self to be a better manager for my self.
My tip is…. (yea just one for now) Do it everything with your heart. Love your activity, even you study, doing your hobby, sleeping, and doing nothing maybe hahaha no, doing nothing is not activity.
Well, I can said this because I will do this, I am doing this, and I will keep do this:)