Forgive me

i'm sorry honey
i can't do it for u
but i really, really love u
u know what?
Cuz, i wanT dO aNything fOr u
if the tiMe is rigHt!

Sorry, i can't do iT
i beLieve iF u lOve me
u Can uNderStand
Cuz, that'S mY tenet

Whoa!! i'm so confused
i can't sat anything again
i just can think about u
Yes, just u in my brain

oucH.,.it's so stupid LOL!!
but that's true
i can't lie again
i'm so tired, tired!!!

so many metHode to forGet u
But i can't forget this moment
Please forgive me for i can't do it
i'm not sure, i'm capable
i hope u can understand

Now,, i don't know what do u think about me
but, please God said to him i Love him Very muCh
i hope he not make me broken heart again...
i believe i can stand!


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