Early Morning with Rainbow

            Hola hola, how is your day? Hope your day is always happy and peace. Today me, my mom, step fa’ and my brother going for funeral but we have new info so it canceled. Very rare that we have refreshing together, it’s a good time for us to having fun together. At 7 a.m. we start our trip and I look at the sky, there is a wonderful rainbow and it’s make my feel so good to start this day. I hope I have a colorful life everyday.
At 11 a.m. we are have a late breakfast with meatball, very weird huh? Haha yeah we aren’t eaten rice yet. I eat 5 big meatballs ;p I am so starving and I finished it all and my brother give me 1 his meatball, so I eat 6 big meatballs haha…. I am such a greedy person, but I walk away complacently :D haha.
After that we back home, but on our way to home it’s suddenly heavy rain. Me and my mom pour on it, we arrived at home with sopping with rain… that’s weird but we happy.
            Long after we cleaned up our self, we or actually me make some cookie. With obligingly to knead the dough, I make that cookie. But…. My mom looked at my dough, she said that I failed to make that cookies hahah. Yeah that’s true,  the cookies are half done because the dough is not complete :D oMG I really bad in cooking, but I always try and try again ;p
And this is it…. My unknown cookies
pretty bad huh? X_X
ta da!!

The real rainbow that so close to us is our family. So, don’t wasted away every moment with your family. Even it’s just a simple moment, make it perfect with peace, laugh and love J
Reach your rainbow everyday… astalavista baby :*


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