Make peace in your heart

When you really desire to something, but you realize its seems not good at all. What you gonna do?

Lil bit seriously, this part i just wanna share about expectation is opposite with reality. For long time you really waited for this time, but at the time you arrived, the reality is very far with your expectation that you imagine. And then you just feel bad mood, disappointed, losing hope, and miserable.

One thing that i know, suddenly i remember is all about peace. Making our peace in our heart... cooling down our emotion, positive thinking, take your time alone, just silent, take a deep breathe, think again what you really regret it, about your hope or expectation.

Thats all how can i do if sometimes everything is not good like your expectations. Maybe not always work, but i'd try to share and let you try it :)
Thank you for reading .


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