Jumat, 10 Januari 2014

New page of life

To wrote about new year is not too late huh?
In this new year of 2014 everyone have a new hope in their life and so do i. They hope that everything in their life will goin’ to be more better day by day. Change every bad things going to be a good things, if you always like to spend your money for useless thing and now you start to be more thrifty. For who those don’t have any relationship with anyone, they more consider to not waste their money for BBM packet, SMS packet or calling packet because thats useless like the past years ago. Yeah, maybe not for all young people think about that but I know some people once have considered about that. That’s just several sample of young people thoughts that related to what’s people called ‘resolution of a new year’.

That’s very normal if they have some resolution for reformation in their life. Because it is not just this state needs reformation but our life too. The more important thing is our heart; this is more for our thoughts. To renew our old thoughts and become more critical to consider all things in this life. You can’t goes like a dead fish by the flow, because you are the people not the fish and you are alive not the dead one. You can thinking more better to decide everything to be good and not to repeat the mistakes of your past.
So for now, start to remember of your hopes and targets on your life. Focus on that and don’t ever give up before you got it.

Keep fight for your dreams so it will come true as you wish. ^^

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