It’s been so long, since I never again have free time to writing in my blog. Ummmm I had it sometimes, but not for writing like this now. I have to wait my passion to write something that can useful for somebody’s need. Well, to serious huh? Haha

I just watched movie the title is compulsion in a week ago, compulsion means pressure that could be someone getting into stress. This movie is very interesting actually, but in fact I still have no point about it really..

The beginning it showed that someone cooked, maybe she is a chef or just have a hobby for cooking. All the views is full of delicious food, cookies, and how to make it with slow motion so the audience ragged to that views. And yes, I was. I thought this film is about chef, food, motivation story or love story full but It’s not. 

In some scene for Hollywood movies always put some love story there, but I mean in this movie the story is complicated. Although this movie is complicated, but still I can understand some scene and what the points there but not for all.
Whats make me wanna talk about this movie is I wanna know, maybe you guys ever watched this movie so you can tell me some points that you got from this movie.

FYI, really the first I typed for this page I never planned to write about this movie haha but you know people always can changed their minds. Thank you for reading.


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